The semi dry wine that became semi sweet !

The story around the wine

This is one of those typical summer wines you would just open because you are thirsty.
Last year I took my grandparents to the beautiful wine region of Tokaj, knowing that
they’ve never been in a wine region before they were just stunned by it. We had a late lunch in Grof Degenfeld and I stumbled into some advertisement about their new fresh wines.
We arranged for a small wine tasting of these three wines which were Furmint, Harslevelu and Sargamuskotaly. We decided to buy a box  of six Harslevelu to share.

Tasting and smelling; my personal notes and opinion(s) about this wine.

First you have to know that this wine was bought as a semi dry wine, meaning it should contain between 4 and 12 grams of sugar per liter.

When I opened the last one of these yesterday it was already good to become a semi sweet wine which can contain between 12 and 45 grams.

When I smelled the wine it had a very dominant flower smell with under it some hints of honey, when you tasted the wine you could taste the harmony of honey and flowers.

This is a great wine to accompany some light fruit desserts or just on its own.