A great red wine from Eger !

The winery

Bukolyi Pince was created in 1999 by Laszlo Bukolyi. It all started as a hobby in viticulture and wine making. The hobby soon became his main activity cause of the dedication and strive for perfection. Their current goal is to create family farm which is able to completely sustain itself and also the needs for customers who want exceptional quality food. Unfortunately I can not confirm 100% who the current owner is, the winery is family owned but it’s unclear if the son already took over the business or not.

 Tasting and smelling: my personal notes and opinion(s) about this wine

The wine is a cuvee ( a blend of grapes), it contains Kékfrankos, Cabernet Franc, Merlot and Pinot Noir. It is a rather heavy wine and has 14% alcohol .

In the nose you have hints of fresh red fruits and oak, the first impressions when you taste the wine are that it’s a rather light wine with hints of anise. Later it becomes clear that  the wine is quite complex and the taste of oak is tasted as well you can feel the higher alcohol rate.

I drank this wine with a steak and found it a perfect fit, I would dare to say this wine would fit any heavy beef and red meat dish.

This winery got my attention after I drank their Egri Bikavér Selection of 2012, which I also can advice as an excellent red wine.