Gál Tibor Sweet Sauvignon Blanc- Tramini 2012

A sweet wine from Eger ?!


The wine 

Hello again ! I finally recovered from my cold and sore throat and will kick off my new webpage with an unusual wine, it’s a sweet white wine from Eger. You have to know that sweet wines are very unusual outside the Tokaj wine region and it’s extremely uncommon to make a sweet wine out of Sauvignon Blanc and Tramini ! When I tried this wine the first time in their bar I was a bit worried, having really bad experiences from drinking sweet wines that are not supposed to be sweet; Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot noir were some of them which you could try at the yearly wine festival here in Budapest. I was surprised by the elegance of this wine, it would be a nice competitor for a Tokaj sweet wine !

If you would like to know more about the winery please click here, I’ve covered the winery already  in a previous entry.

Tasting and smelling: My personal notes and opinion(s) about this wine

For me this wine goes in like lemonade, this means for me its sweet and does not have a very harsh alcohol aftertaste.

In the wine you can smell hints of apricot and green apple and a dominant smell of raisins. The apricot comes back in the taste and does not leave such a sour taste like some wines can do which have apricot taste in it. You can also taste dried fruits in it, this wine is a real beauty and is in perfect balance.

I opened this wine to try with Asian dishes, and it might fit or not fit this is personal in my opinion, it will definitely fit desserts with raisins and cottage cheese.

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