My opinion(s) about two wineries in Eger.


Disclaimer: I do not own the picture above, all credit goes to Orsolya Pince. Last Saturday it was my wedding ( 16 may 2015) and me and my wife decided to spend a couple of days in a wellness hotel just outside the city Eger. Of course it goes without saying that I wanted to visit wineries as Eger has so much to offer. We’ve decided to go to Orsolya’s Pince and later on to go to Gál Tibor Pincészet as well. I will not cover the wines we drank there cause this would simply be a to long list, what I will do is tell you about the wineries and their differences… what makes them unique.

Orsolya Pince

This wonderful family owned winery is located just outside the city Eger, the town is called Ostoros, this area is filled with modern houses and wine fields, somewhere where I would retire to ! This winery produces around 15.000 bottles a year, you have to know that the couple does everything alone and their eldest daughter creates the funny looking wine labels. They focus on making natural wines, meaning they try not to get involved in the fermentation and aging of the wines but let nature take his cause. This also means that they do not add any chemicals to their wines, while some other wineries do. It is very hard to find these kind of wines in the shops, they only sell to two brand shops, exclusive restaurants and of course sell their wines on site. If you’re interested in a tasting or to buy something you can contact them at the following email address in Hungarian or English : They also have a facebook page : Orsolya Pince Facebook

Gál Tibor Pincészet

We did not visit the wine cellar here but had a wine tasting in their wine bar called Fuzio. Fuzio is located in the center of Eger and is a modern wine bar where you also can have a nibble with the wines. The design of the wine bar reflects the wine maker, young and trendy. In the past this winery was owned by his father who passed away very sudden in 2005 after a car accident in South Africa. Ever since his family took over the business and in 2011 his son Gál Tibor Jr. took over the winery. This winery makes trendy wines for everyday but also has some very complex ones like the Kadarka from 2011. For contact information you can go to : Gál Tibor Tastings can be done at any time at the Fuzio bar, no prior appointments needed for small groups (although I would give them a call ahead). You also get an 8% discount if you buy 6 or more bottles (does not have to be from the same type).