Rácz Miklós Tamás – Pinot Noir 2011

A small winery with elegant wines !

The story around the wine:  Racz Miklos Tamas is a small winery in the beautifull Villany wine region. His vintage is mainly Cabernet Franc, Pinot Noir and a very small amount of Chardonnay (0.2 Ha). I personally have not visited this winery yet, but I sure will when I go to Villany again.

Tasting and smelling: My personal notes and opinion(s) about this wine. I personally like this wine a bit colder, on a temperature of 14°C. In the nose I find hints of cherry and other mixed red fruits. While the taste is more elegant and has hints of dark chocolate and oak, this wine is very robust. I also would like to share with you that this wine is one of the driest Pinot Noir I’ve drank, and if you open one of this bottles then let it get some oxygen. I’ve opened this wine with a regular steak and fries dinner and it fitted perfect, I think this wine fits perfect with any red meats like steak and duck.

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