The award  of best looking wine label goes to !

The winery
I can only tell you as much as I could find about Skizo, I did not visit their winery yet, but it is planned in the near future. Skizo Pince is located in Badacsony at the north  coast of lake Balaton.
They are known to produce top notch bistro wines, their bright and colorful labels and the screw caps on almost all of their wines.
The wine
Like most other wines from Skizo, this wine is very fresh and young, it has a nice fruity smell and contains hits of grapefruits, apples and citrus fruits. The Skizo fehér is a blend of Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Blanc and this you can really taste when the wines touches your mouth, the bitterness of the fruits but yet again a very refreshing taste.
This wine I would serve as an aperitif before the food, the bitterness will really open the stomach and get you even more hungry ! It would also fit nice with a green salad or just on it’s own on a nice sunny day in the garden or terrace.
Skizo wines are really inexpensive but yet they have very high quality, if you are more of a wine drinker I definitely suggest the  Skizo Vörös (Skizo red in English).