My review of a great dining evening !

Disclaimer : I do not own this picture above, all credit goes to Chess éterem.   Some time ago me and my wife went for a Wine evening with fitted cheese dishes, I will cover the wine part off the evening and can go into more details about the cheese if people are interested in it.

Where to start ?

I would like to start with telling you who organized this evening, this man is no one less than Kovács Antal a famous Hungarian sommelier who has won countless prices and has been master sommelier 3 times in his life. He was giving a little explanation about every wine and the pairing. Who was also here was the wine maker from Kékhegy, this young man was a little bit nervous but his story was really interesting. He owns a small winery(4 hectares)  together with his wife Gyöngyöspatán in the Eger wine region. And the last person but therefor not less important was Bodnár Sándor the cheese maker from a city in Tokaj called Mád. He used to be a chef for many years but wanted to do something different and new so he became a cheese maker.

 The wines and dishes 

Kékhegy Pince Mátrai Tramini and Cserszegi 2013 with St. Jacob Scallops, blood orange and vanilla sour cream  The origin of this wine came because the owner bought a new piece of land which had both types of grapes on it ( Tramini and Cserszegi). It’s soaked only for 6 hours which is very unusual for aromatic wines. It was aged in stainless steel tanks. This wine has a lower perfume and has more hints of soil/terroir. There were only 400 bottles made of this one.

Kékhegy Pince Mátrai Zôldveltelini 2013 with sweet potato, blue cheese and cauliflower espuma Personally not my favorite but it did fit the dish, it had lots of minerals in the smell and hints of fruits, it’s a dry wine in the taste and has a nice warming alcohol flavor, it was suggested with fish poultry and pork.

Nyolcas Ádám Egri Muscat Ottonel 2011 with Yogurt cold Pear soup In the smell you can detect an overwhelming citrus and exotic fruit smell, it has a very high alcohol percentage and therefor it has small hints of sweetness (alcohol sweetness) in it’s taste. It has a very unusual long aftertaste as well as intensive aromas. It’s suggested with salads, fish with vegetables, asparagus and vegetable cream soups. I will go into more details on this one in a later entry, when I had only this wine to taste.

Kékhegy Pince Mátrai Siller 2014 with Lángos, brown beer sauce, homemade smoked ham and charcoal Camembert Siller wines are very unusual for most people, it’s to light for red but to dark to be called a rosé wine. This one had a very mild white pepper smell with hints of bell peppers, in the taste you could detect a spicy taste which is very complex and also find traces back of bell peppers.

Ráspi Soproni Kopár 2012 with Steak, Dávid sajt, asparagus gersli risotto and tomato jam A very very good red wine and extremely cheap.. as the sommelier said on the spot probably the cheapest red wine for this quality in whole europe (the bottle costed less than 7 euros). The smell is full of minerals and red fruits, it’s a rather dry wine wich has very smooth tannin’s, the wine is in perfect harmony. In the taste you find back the minerals and hints of sour cherry. I will go into more details on this one in a later entry, again when I only drank this wine.

Homoky Dorka Tokaji Sárgamuskotály ,,Görbe” 2013 with Pineapple panna cotta, goat cheese wrapped in grilled walnut and gingerbeer

This is a dessert wine, it was not extremely sweet yet but it wass already sweet enough for a dessert. Its  smell was dominated by citruses,melon and honey. As mentioned before the taste is semi sweet and has rich fruity tastes. This wine would be also perfect with oriental spiced dishes. The link to the restaurant is here , this is in English and Hungarian

The link to the winery is here, this is in Hungarian only

The link to the cheese maker is here, this is again in Hungarian only

The link to the sommelier’s webpage and shop is here mind it’s only in Hungarian as well.