Today it was they day to pick a new wine, and as we had a white wine last time so it became a red one.

A not to heavy red one if I may say so. Weninger is a well known wine producer in Hungary and Austria, Austria you say? Yes Sopron is located on the border with Austria and Weninger took advantage of this they got two estates and as you can guess already one is in Hungary in the Sopron wine region around Balf while the other one is in Austria in the central Burgenland wine region around Horitschon. Weninger is very famous for their excellent Kékfrankos (Blaufränkisch) wines, they got six different vineyards in three areas with this grape variety.

This wine is a real delight, it’s made from only Merlot, it’s very light and natural and has a ruby colour. You can can smell the red fruits really good and if you smell with a little bit more ”detail” you will detect sour cherry and strawberries.

In the taste you can find this fruits back, but the sour cherry really dominates here, there is a light but delicious acidity in it as well.

I will also include the rough price for this wine and for the rest of my entries, as per request of some readers.

This wine costed 2100 HUF, (1930 HUF for club members in Bortarsasag). This is 7 euros. In my opinion a perfect price for it’s quality.