Hello again ! Today I will talk about a wine that comes from my favorite winery in Tokaj.

This was the first wine we started with on my own organized wine tasting yesterday.

The wines of Szabó Pince can not be found in shops but only at the winery it self, therefore the prices are much more democratic and honest in my opinion.

Szabó Pince is located in Szerencs, a small town in the Tokaj wine region just before Mád. And it’s owned by a very sweet elder man called Szabó Gyula. He owns the winery and does most of the stuff on his own with a bit of help of his son. Wine tastings are always a feast and you are always treated very well, you will never go out thirsty or hungry ! They make very fresh and young wines ideal for warm summer days, semi sweet, sweet, late harvest wines and Aszú. All made with great care and love.

I have a wine tasting here again at the beginning of August and I will provide some pictures then.

Now about this wonderful wine;

This one fits 200% in the young and fresh, ideal for warm summer days category, absolutely no acids unlike some young wines, in the nose it has the full range of fruits and flowers, and the first impression you get when you taste it is pears followed by the other fruits and flowers again.