Orsolya Pince – Syrah Rosé 2014

Hello again ! Today I will cover the second wine of my wine tasting that I had last Saturday.

After our young white Tokaj wine we went on to a young and vibrant one from Eger. If you would like to know more about the winery itself you can click here. Now about the wine.. the original plan with this grape was to make a red wine out of it, but because of the high rain they had to harvest early to not lose it completely. The wine maker told me it was a sort of ”gamble” cause they did not know if it would be good or bad. It turned out to be an excellent summer wine, it fermented only in stainless steel tanks for a short period. The wine has a little bit of acidity but I disagree that it’s dominant. This is the result of the high rainfall.  It’s a light bodied wine, with hints of strawberries and other red fruits in the nose, and the strawberries are more dominant in the taste and flavor of the wine. I also detect a little sparkle in the wine but it’s rather on the background. An excellent wine for those summer evenings or to start a meal.

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