This was one of the three red wines I picked for my wine tasting last weekend.

The reasons were very simple everyone knows Vincze, in my opinion you can never do wrong with Vincze wine and it was the perfect time to drink it. I will try to explain a bit about Vincze, who he is and what he has done but I will not contribute to the rumors and gossip simply cause this is not the place for it.

Now, you all have to know that I am planning to do a wine tasting here in the near future and will have a lot more information about him after. I have been to Eger and I tried to get a tasting but we had to buy every bottle that we would try and with 2 persons we would end up not having much to taste and a big bill at the end, so we decided to do it later with friends and family and it was also the perfect weather to go work on the fields so I suspect this was another reason.

Vincze Béla was wine maker of year in 2005 and I understand why, after trying a lot of his wines on the Bor Festival last year and having some of his best range wines in my own fridge I can only say this guy does magic with it. He makes 3 ranges of wine, starting at the normal range and ending in a range Called Arcanum and in between Birtokbor (estate wine). The one I am talking about today is from the mid range which I already consider to be high quality.

As I mentioned above the wine is perfect to be drank, it was estimated to be good between 2012-2014 but 2015 does just fine as well. It has a dark ruby / purple color. It has a lot of dried fruit in the nose with hints of cherry ( the Germersdorf type). It’s a medium bodied wine with light to medium tannins, absolutely no acids. It’s a very unusual Cabernet Franc cause it’s nowhere near the ones I drank from France.

Unfortunately I don’t remember the price, I bought this wine in a small random shop cause it’s pretty hard to find anything of him at all in the big retailers. But if I have to make an estimate it would be 2000-3000 HUF, that is between 7 and 10 euros.