Konyári – Kékfrankos 2013

Hello again and welcome to the last review of my wine tasting which is now over a week ago ! 

I will talk about a red wine from a winery next to the Balaton lake.

I would like to add to this and tell everyone that the Balaton has multiple wine regions and they all make white,red and rosé wines. It is a myth that the Balaton only produces fresh white and rosé wines ! Konyári Pince is located in Balatonboglár which is the south part of the Balaton lake. Konyári makes 70% red wines and 30% white wines. Now about this wine, it’s a 100% Kékfrankos wine, and has a deep ruby color.

The wine is full bodied and has a very good oak taste and smell. There are cherry’s in the nose together with some druid fruits; plums and raisins mainly. In the taste you get a nice cherry impression with hints of spices. As Bortarsasag suggests this is an excellent Bistro wine.

The price for this bottle was 2200HUF, so roughly 7 euros. And can be found in the normal wine shops like Bortarsasag, in Hungary.

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