Szászi Endre -Badacsonyi Olaszrizling 2013

Today I will be talking about an elegant and complex Olaszrizling from Badacsony. Hello again ! I had a small holiday at the Lake Balaton this weekend and we decided to do a little private wine tasting with some regional wines and some nice reds to end the tasting with. Today I will be talking about the second white wine we tasted and that was Szászi Endre -Badacsonyi Olaszrizling 2013. This wine is from Badacsony which is at the North side of the Balaton lake and the winery is located in the middle of their wine fields a truly wonderful view and one of the wineries I definitely would like to visit when I am in Badacsony.

As I mentioned this wine is very elegant and has complex tastes, there is a sweet apple smell with light minerals in the background truly wonderful. The first notes you get when you drink this is a nice bitter taste which actually develops into bitter almonds with again the minerals in the back. For some people this wine would be too bitter on it’s own while other ones would drink it like lemonade (my guests were divided on this matter). I personally think it would taste great with Dried ham like Parma or Serrano and melon an ideal light dinner for those warm Hungarian summers !

The wine costed 1990HUF  and is 6.50 euros. A very democratic price.

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