Hi again ! Today I will be talking about another wine from Gál Tibor

This was the first red wine on my wine tasting last Saturday night, I find it a very fitting wine because it’s a light one and it is Kadarka. A pure Kadarka is not made very often cause it’s so sensitive to the weather, so far I’ve only seen great Kadarka’s made in 2011 and 2013. Kadarka is always very light colored, to use the wine term it has a ruby color.

The wine has a very strong oak smell but it is not overwhelming at all, the wine is really fresh and young and is perfectly aged at the same time. There are hints of white pepper in the smell as well as in the taste. Absolutely no acids which is really great knowing that Eger wines can be very acid.

When we tasted the wine it was served a little colder than the normal room temperature and normally I would disagree on this, but not this time ! I think that 14-16 degrees Celsius is the perfect temperature for this wine.

This wine costed 2400 Hungarian Forints, which is 7.75 a very good price for such an elegant red wine.