Today I will be talking about a wine made by a winery most famous in Hungary.

Sauska is one of the most well known names in Hungary, everyone knows they make wine, a hell of a lot wine !
With having wineries in both Villány and Tokaj, they produce over 750 thousand bottles of wine per year !

Visiting Sauska’s winery in Villány is a most prestigious thing already, you can’t just walk in any time you like and if you stay for a lunch a private chef will cook up a fresh grill meal from the scratch… Not to mention the amazing roof terrace and small but cozy looking inside room where you can taste wine and eat when the weather doesn’t allow to go out.

They create wines from Villány and Siklós, Siklós is roughly 10km to the west of Villány, and has a very great terroir.
I will talk more about Siklós when I got an actual wine from there.

(Picture by Aborfesztival)

Now a little bit more about the wine …
The cuvée, made from Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot and Syrah. It is fermented on stainless steel tanks for the nice fruity taste and 50% of the berries were fermented in a French oak barrel for a period of 5 months. It has mild cherry hints in the nose, a more dominant red currant smell mixed with oak. The wine is medium bodied, has great and soft tannins but is a bit spicy and has a bit of acids but nothing overwhelming.

As always the wines from Sauska are almost perfectly balanced.

The price for this beauty was 2290 Hungarian Forints, this is 7.40 Euros.