Today another wine from Tokaj to get in the mood for my trip to Tokaj today.

I am leaving to Tokaj in just a few moments to show this beautiful region to my friend from Belgium. To get in the mood we had a Late harvest wine from Royal Tokaji on the evening before.
Royal Tokaji  was the first foreign investment in the region and probably the beacon for the rebirth of the Tokaj region. It is probably one of the more famous names heard outside Hungary, they export a lot of their wines abroad. With producing over 200.000 bottles a year, I consider them to be very big. Royal Tokaj won over hundred international prizes with three gold medals in the 2012 Challenge International Du vin.

The cuvée is made from the three most known Tokaj grapes ; Furmint, Hárslevelű and sárgamuskotály, but the sárgamuskotály is the most dominant in the smell and the taste. Its nose is full of flowers and fruits like sárgamuskotály should be. It’s a medium bodied wine very sweet ( almost like lemonade) and only an alcohol of 10.5 percent. There are absolutely no acids in this wine which makes it a really pleasure to drink !

This wine costed 2100 HUF, which is roughly 7 euros and I bought this on the wine festival.

I will be writing about Tokaj next time and also include a lot of pictures from around the region !