Another great rosé, suggested by the wine maker after tasting the Kékfrankos.

Another rosé ? My friends will be confused, cause they know I rarely drink rosé wines !  This one is absolutely great again, like the previous one from Sabar. for more details about Sabar you can go here, it will tell you a bit more about who they are.

The wine is very light, I would put it into the category of Light salmon rosé color.


The wine taste perfect, fresh and young but yet it’s already a bit older… most people are afraid of a rosé wine that is not from the current vintage.. in this case 2014. I would really like to point out that there is absolutely nothing wrong with older vintages as this wine and the previous one have proven !

This wine fermented on stainless steel tanks like every fresh and young wine does, it’s full of smell and taste.
In the nose you can find back red fruits, like raspberry with hints of apricots. The wine is a little more acidly but nothing serious. The flavor represent the red fruits again with peaches, the wine goes in quite easily for it’s higher acid content.

Another classy wine made by Sabar, at the democratic price of 1370 huf which is 4.50 euros.

I will be making a full article about the winery with pictures and such when I visit them after I come back from Madagascar.

At the meantime have a look at their webpage, it’s in three languages ; Hungarian, English and German.
You can contact them easily by email and they are fluent in English.