Today I will be talking about another Bikavér ( bull’s blood) from Vincze.

I probably will be repeating myself from older posts since I already talked what a Bikavér is and who Vincze is, but I will repeat a bit of it with some new additional information.

Vincze Béla was wine maker of year in 2005 and I understand why, after trying a lot of his wines on the Bor Festival last year and having some of his best range wines in my own fridge I can only say this guy does magic with it. He makes 3 ranges of wine, starting at the normal range and ending in a range Called Arcanum and in between Birtokbor (estate wine). The one I am talking about today is from the normal range, quite frankly this already can keep up with a high quality wine cause it was pretty awesome.

In 2005 he started up spraying their vines organically and in 2008 he moved to bio dynamic viticulture. Bio dynamic viticulture means:  it’s a form of organic agriculture, the use of a complex system of herbal sprays and composting techniques which we call preparations. It basically means to interfere as little as possible with the processes of nature both in the vineyard and the winery.
He is now building a real estate with a chateau on the Mész-Hegy Hill, with the house and the processing plant in the middle and all the grapes and vines around just like many places in France.

Now the wine… a full bodied wine very smooth, elegant and complex. The nose is full of spices and red fruits, think about the ”non” fresh ones like cherry’s  with some hints of minerals. On the tongue I detect some enjoyable oak flavors again the red fruits but a more dominant taste of cherry’s. A real beauty.

I bought this wine in the past for 1500HUF which is 5 euros, I could have easily be convinced to buy it for more as well 🙂 It’s extremely good, as his maker,  Vincze Béla is also a great wine maker.