As promised some time ago a szamorodni wine from Tokaj.

Today something new, a szamorodni wine, since my trip to Tokaj got canceled some time ago I had to introduce my friend the wines of Tokaj from my home. After having a late harvest this was the next in line.

Szamorodni , meaning ” grew by its own” originates from Poland where they use the word samorodny this type of wine also originates from there.
When a wine is called szamorodni it means that the grapes were harvest together with the aszú grapes, unlike the Tokaji aszú x (x standing for 3-6) Puttonyos, these grapes were not hand picked. Now what are aszú grapes ? Quite simple like the late harvest wines those are grapes that already have ”noble rot”, this is a mold that causes the grape to lose almost all of his water and almost becomes like a raisin in some sense. If you create noble rot your wine will always be sweet. These grapes are always either Furmint, Hárslevelű and sárgamuskotály.
So when a wine maker wants to make szamorodni he lets his grapes go into ”noble rot” and let these berries ferment with grapes that were not ”noble rot”. It also has to age for a minimum of two years on wooden barrels.

Now my taste notes,

Golden color wine, bit of peach and oak in the nose. Very sweet full of aromas taste with no acids in the after taste a very well made wine with perfect balance of noble oak flavors and peach.

For the price I have no idea anymore i think it was around 3000 huf which is roughly 10 euros. I bought it on one of my trips through Tokaj long ago.