A semi sweet wine from my favorite winery in Tokaj.

Today a semi-sweet wine, it is not as sweet as the late harvests, szamorodni and aszùs but it’s already sweet enough.. a wine is considered semi-sweet when there is 12-45 grams of sugar per liter. I am a bit in the dark about the process of making wines semi sweet and will come back to this in a later article when I get the story from the wine maker… the story got lost between the translation from Hungarian to English and maybe the 13 glasses of wine had to do something with it as well 🙂

Tasting notes

The wine was at the right age to be drank and perhaps at the end of being good already… I bought the bottle in 2014 and let it sit in my fridge for another year. The wine is still perfectly drinkable but any person with a good pallet would say to drink the vintage now and not in a half a year. The color was already a bit darker and the taste became somewhat more alcoholic. There was absolutely not indications in the smell cause it was still full of flowers. In the taste the flowers were already on the background and the acidity and taste of old wine was more dominant.

I guess the wine somehow managed to get in the back of my fridge and was ignored, I am happy I drank the wine now while it was still on the edge of being good… it was an unique experience for the people that were with me that evening so they could learn to detect this situation.

Unfortunately I don’t remember the price of the wine at all, wine tastings at Szabó are always an enjoyment where the wine is more important for me than the actual price.