Today a nice wine from the Bordeaux wine region in France.

Hello once in a while I talk about a non Hungarian wine, my grandfather has a big stock of French wines and once in a while I get some one them to taste. Knowing that it’s 90% red wines and dominated by Bordeaux and Burgundy wines I was not surprised when he came with a bottle of the quite well known Frédéric Salin.

Frédéric Salin took over the reins of  the winery in 1985, he was the 7th generation of Salins that was head of the winery. They all shared one goal and priority which is quality. Today they are one of the world’s  key Bordeaux wine trading houses.

This wine is considered a normal every day  table wine in France. The wine is made of several well known
Bordeaux grapes ; Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Malbec, Merlot, Petit Verdot and Carmenérè.
The color is dark red as shown on the pictures below.
Les trois colonnes glass (1) Les trois colonnes glass (2) Les trois colonnes glass (3)
The wine is medium bodied and has light tannins. A very fruity nose and flavor. light acids but nothing dominant. The wine is gentle and soft. It fits nicely in the category of light red wines.

The wine costed 5.25 euros and that is roughly 1600huf.