Today another Late Harvest wine from Tokaj, this time from my favorite winery.

This will be the last late harvest wine article for quite some time. I felt that this winery’s late harvest could not be missed in the wines I let my friend taste when we had to cancel our trip to Tokaj, since this was the highlighted winery of our trip.

The winery is located in Szerencs, one of the first villages you pass when you drive through Tokaj. And is owned by an elder man which taught me quite a bit of Tokaj wines and the history of the region. Although I do not speak much Hungarian and he does not speak English I feel a bit connected with him in some wine, cause his wine is truly wonderful.

What he told me that the two late harvests he made this year had a  sugar content that is high enough to fit an Aszù wine, meaning it’s at least 60 grams of sugar per liter or 30 grams in this half a liter bottle.

I do not have pictures of the wine in the glass, cause my camera ran out of battery.. yes it does happen anno 2015 🙂
But I can tell you that the color is straw yellow.

The wine is as said really sweet, it smells and tastes sweet. Full of flowers and candy absolutely no acids in the after taste. Another one that just goes in like lemonade. I will be updating this part a bit more later when I open another one… My taste notes paper got lost in the laundry somehow.

The price I do remember which was 1500huf, roughly 5 euros. I bought 6 of these and of the Furmint cause they were excellent 🙂