Today a Rosé wine made by Heimann  from Szekszárd.

Heimann, one of the more heard names in Hungary when you talk Szekszárd. They own 20 hectares of land and produce 100-150.000 bottles of wine per year. The winery is completely run by the family, Zoltán and his wife Ágnes gave up their jobs as successful economists to return to the viticuture and winemaking. In 1990 they reorganized the family estate and in 2009 they decided to move to Szekszárd so they could put all their efforts in running the estate.

In 2011 Heimann Zoltán was named the International Wine Expert of the Year at the Artvinum Gala in Stuttgart. He received this award cause of his efforts for his community. He was also nominated twice for the Hungarian Winemaker of the Year award.

Now to move onto the wine, I am afraid I was not impressed by it.. was it a bad bottle or was it something else?  I don’t know as I couldn’t find another one in Budapest…  The reviews about this wine are almost all positive so I did not really make up my mind yet. The cuvée was made from Syrah, Pinot Noir and Merlot.

This are my taste notes for now.

The wine was a bit sparkling which I personally do not like at all (apparently they added some CO2). It was a very fresh wine. There were pretty much strawberries in the smell and taste, but in the taste the alcohol and acids were a lot more dominant.

The wine costed 1710 huf, which is 5.60 euros. It was personally not worth it for me.