A typical merlot from Eger made by Vincze, wine maker of the year in 2005.

This will be a rather short article as you can find most information about vincze in my previous article(s). I can’t add more to it till I finally visited the winery, which is all planned for 2016 !

It’s another wine from the normal range which I bought together with the Bikavér, which I made an article about last month. I can’t give you a link to it yet as at this time all these articles are written already and are automatically published on the date I set… this is because I am still on vacation to Madagascar.

My tasting notes about this wine are the following :

It has a very nice sour cherry smell and character which is inherent to the region. in the nose it’s full of spices and black cherry. The taste on the other hand the cherry’s are very dominant and the spices are really just in the background. Medium bodied wine with medium tannins and a very long lasting after taste.

The wine costed 1580huf which is roughly 5.20 euros.