Orsolya Pince was founded in 2001 and is a real family winery where man and wife do everything together with their younger children.

The winery tries to make their wines in the most natural way as possible, meaning they want to avoid artificial substances in both their grapes and in their wines. As mentioned above they do everything by them self; from the harvest of the fields which is 10 hectares long to giving wine tastings. The wine labels are designed by their children and are in my opinion the best I have ever seen ! I putted some examples under here 🙂

Orsolya Pince Leányka 2014 Orsolya Pince Olaszrizling 2014

The left side picture is drawn by their son, Zoltán told me he drew this picture after they came back from harvesting this year, and that every family member is on it.. His father on the left in black, then his mother a bit to the right but its harder to see and the last two are himself and his older sister.
The other label is designed by their oldest, their daughter, she created great wine labels in the past already as well.

They might be small but their wines are served in Hungary’s finest restaurants and Jamie Goode, a blogger for wineanorak gave their Kadarka from 2009 a 93 out of 100 after tasting it.

Orsolya pince is located in Ostoros, which is just 20 km south of the main city Eger. Eger is also the name of the wine region, a bit confusing if you are not used to it !

if you click on their logo you will get a link to their facebook page for more pictures and info.
If you like to do a wine tasting you can send an email to orsolyapince@orsolyapince.hu .
It is possible to do it in English and Zoltán’s English is very good !

Orsolya pince, cellar pics

Their wines and my tasting notes