A little pearl in Badacsony

Saba-Dűlő Borház was born in the late 2009 to two proud fathers; László Nagy and Gábor Ádám.

László Nagy a winemaker and born in the Badacsony wine region has been working with grapes and wines since he was very young. He gained experience at various well known wineries like Szászi pince and Villa Tolnay where he still holds the position of restate managing Director.

And Gábor Ádám an economist and enthusiastic wine-lover.  His professional economist’s attitude, wine loving enthusiasm and a bit of financial wealth make what Sabar is today.
Which I met on my wine tasting and is one of the nicest persons I’ve met in my carrier.

The name of the winery was based on one the smallest hill in the Balaton region which is only 217 meters high. Their vineyards and cellar are also located there and it’s near a the village of Káptalantóti.

Sabar winey outside

This crest is part of the old house, before Sabar bought the house and wine cellar there used to live a Jewish Hungarian person called Mondli Márton György or this is at least what they’ve got told by an elder woman in the village. There are 4 letters engraved in the crest which stand for the name. When they built the winery they putted this crest in one of the small walls and they also use the original wine cellar.

marker sabar

Sabar grows Olaszrizling, Sauvignon Blanc and Ottonel Muskotály and planted some Cabernet Franc recently.  The Olaszrizling slopes at the winery around the Sabar hill are 1.5 hectares big and the one at the western foot of the Csabánc hill is around 1 hectare. The Ottonel Muskotály which is at the Hercegföld area (located between the Csobánc and the Bács hills) is 1.1 hectares ,while the Sauvignon Blanc is 0.9 hectares and is also located at the Bács hill in the so called Feketebács area. The picture under here has Olaszrizling on the left and Cabernet Franc on the right.


The rest of the grapes are bought from various places in Badacsony; Szürkebarát (Pinot Gris) comes from two hills, the Badacsony hill and the Örsi hill which is in Badacsonyörs. The Rajnai Rizling is also from the Badacsony hill, while the Kékfrankos and Cabernet Sauvignon are from the Bács hill (these were used for their rosé wines and for red in 2010 and 2011).

IMG_4782  IMG_4780IMG_4783 IMG_4784

Above you can see some pictures of the cellar, the first two pictures were the original cellar and are now mainly used to store wine bottles, the other two pictures is from the new cellar which was build recently. There are also plans to have a small guest house for people to sleep over and have a wine tasting with a nice panorama while the sun is going down behind the hills.

IMG_4786 IMG_4785

The pictures above show some fresh must made from Olaszrizling grapes. Must is essentially grape juice, there is no alcohol in this yet.. this one was from the 2015 harvest which is busy at this moment.

Some Cabernet Franc grapes
Some Olaszrizling Grapes
Some Olaszrizling Grapes

Their wines and my tasting notes


The Cabernet Franc fields
The Olaszrizling fields