Today we talk about a wine I’ve sampled on the Budapest wine festival.

On the bottle of wine you can see a very nice ”old fashioned” picture in black and white, it tells a nice family story about the Esterbauer family. I copied the following from their webpage :

My mother’s forefathers are in the picture of a harvest in 1935. Aszalai Sógor (Brother-in-law) is standing in the middle, who emerged from our peasant family as a wine-merchant and who was always cravatted even at harvest time. Szöszke Sógor, who is riding the horse, was the grandfather of our winemaker, Laci Pálinkás, and there are their wives as well, the Gránicz sisters, and by the way, among them, my grandmother … János Eszterbauer ,,
As you can read from this little text, the Esterbauer is a family winery that has been around for quite some time.

I will write a more detailed article about Esterbauer, later this week and when I have visited them I will complete it with pictures and more information.

Kadarka grapes are a sensitive thing, in good years they are the top of the vintage and in bad years they will use them in a cuvée or just don’t mention them at all. It’s known for his light red color because the grape skin doesn’t have as much tannin as other grapes.

Sógor Kadarka 2013 glass (1) Sógor Kadarka 2013 glass (2)

If I remember correct this wine was fermented and aged in stainless steel tanks, but I will have to confirm this with the wine makers.

There is no smell or taste of oak at all, so that would support my statement above. It has a very fruity nose with dried fruits on the background. There are absolutely no acids in the flavor or after taste, and there is a very elegant sour cherry flavor. It’s a light bodied wine with very light tannins as well.

This wine is almost close to perfection for me. It has class, elegance and style. The wine is in the budget range but could easily be worth double it’s price.