” Kreinbacher represents style and quality and is in my opinion one of the best wineries in Hungary,, – Zeebroek Michael

The founder József Kreinbacher, has a degree in underground construction engineering and is the managing director of a firm that constructs steel frames. The Estate was founded in 2002 by József Kreinbacher who just aquired his first vineyards in Somló and the winery was completely build in 2005. And at this moment it is the second biggest winery in the Somló region, an accomplishment based on buying up lots of smaller local vineyards. In 2010-2011 the first sparkling wine cellars were completed and in 2014 Kreinbacher sold their first sparkling wine to the public.

Their main grape varieties are Furmint, Juhfark, Olaszrizling (Welshriesling) and Hárslevelű.
They also make great wines out of Syrah and other grapes like Pinot noir.


Kreinbacher is located in Somló, a wine region located on a volcanic butte. The Somló area was completely under water and when the volcano erupted, the lava solidified at the bottom of the sea. After a climate change the sea dried up and a solid basalt cap protected the subsoil from erosion. The wind and river deepened the valley around the hill while Somló emerged slowly step by step. Today Somló is known for his mineral rich soils which also reflect back in most of the wines made here.

The people I have met on the wine festival and Olaszrizling tasting are very friendly and know what they talk about. The winery is on the top of my list to visit in 2016 and I will update this page with accurate information from the winery directly.

Their wines and my tasting notes

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