A prove that Somló can make red wines as well.

For more information about the winery you can have a look in the drop down menu under Hungarian wines, Nagy-Somló or you can also click this link.

Somló is famous for its white wines, although some wineries started to experiment with red grapes, this wine is one of them. The Birtokvörös (estate red) is a cuvée from Syrah and Pinot Noir, one of my sources says 50% each but I can’t confirm this.

The wine is has a light red color, but not as light as the Kadarka wines usually are. It’s a light wine and can be drank just on it’s own in an everyday situation. This does not mean this wine is just a regular table wine, its flavors and smell  are light red fruits, raspberries and cherry. The wine is a light bodied wine with light tannins, an easy wine to drink as said before.

This wine was opened on a sunny autumn day, just for a drink and it fitted.