Dúzsi Tamás is known in Hungary as the king of rosé wines

Dúzsi Tamás his grandparents were already winemakers, so it was only natural he would follow in their footsteps. He is father of seven children, a former road-cyclist and a horticulture engineer/teacher. He is also a member of the wine academy of Hungary and the Pannon winemakers guild of Hungary.


It all started in 1996 when the fermentation tank for the Kékfrankos harvest was to small and they were forced to drain the must as rosé. The kékfrankos rosé was so good that this made Dúzsi for what we all know him, the king of rosé wines… his kékfrankos is just a delight. It is his opinion that you can only make a good rosé from good quality grapes, while many winemakers make rosé out of their less high quality grapes. Their wines fulfill the winery’s philosophy ” A good wine is one where after a glass, you can’t shake the feeling that you absolutely must have another”

He also makes some great red wines, with görögszó (named after his vineyard) is his red wines flagship and is made from the Bordeaux blend. This wine was named to be a top red wine at the Paris Vinalies Internationales in 2015.

Dúzsi Tamás pincéje is a real family winery, two of his oldest sons are studying viticulture and oenology, one of them is abroad and the other one studies in Budapest while one of the younger sons just finished high school and is planning to attend the viticulture and oenology technical school of Budafok.

Their wines and my tasting notes