A rather light red wine, from a rainy year in Eger

I’ve tasted many Orsolya Pince wine by now, and i am convinced they make really really excellent wines, it doesn’t matter if it’s red, white or rosé they always seem to make something magical out of their wines.

Let us talk about this wine in particular, kettőzertíz this is the Hungarian word for “two thousand ten ” which is also the vintage year. Now the summer of 2010 was a bit like a British summer, a lot of rain.. the wine maker told me that until the end of August there was 1000 millimeters of rain fall, now that is a lot ! There was also 100 millimeters of rainfall during the harvest in September. They couldn’t make their flagship wines like Tehéntánc and Százrejtekű because they had to harvest their grapes earlier than planned.

These are two of my own Tehéhtánc 2009 -2011

The wine is a cuvée of three of my favorite red grape varieties; Syrah, Pinot Noir and Kékfrankos. The wine was fermented in 10 hectoliter plastic tanks with an open top and was aged in oak barrel but not new ones of 200 liters each.

The wine is light ruby colored and is an easy going and pleasant wine to drink, it has a certain scent that is typical to Pinot Noir which we call a wild smell.. you can sometimes smell this on animals. There are also hints of red fruits in it and dark cherry.

A very light flavor of the oak barrels which is in perfect harmony with the dark cherry that popped up straight away. Pleasant light tannins and no acids in the after taste. A real delight to drink this wine.

More info about the winery you can find under Hungarian wine regions and pick the wine region Eger or simply click this link.

Side Information

Winery : Orsolya Pince

Region : Eger (Ostoros), Hungary
Year : 2010

Type : Red, cuvée of Kékfrankos, Syrah and Pinot Noir
Price : 2130 HUF, 7.50 euros

Source to buy it : I bought this through borudvar.hu, older vintages of Orsolya Pince are very hard to find. Other places to buy wine from Orsolya, are from the winery directly or sometimes Bortársaság.

Vineyards : The Kékfrankos are from the Görbesoro and the Nagy-Galagonyás vineyards and the Pinot noir and Syrah are both from the Görbesoros vineyard.