An article about what was probably one of the best red wines I have drank at the  Bordo blend wine tasting.

I will start this series off with the very first wine I drank from Eszterbauer, Szekszárd. The wine is called ”Mesterünk” and means our master. This wine is probably the master of all their wines and therefore it received this name, it is also called the master wine of the winemaker, Laci Pálinkás.

When I did a bit of research on their unique wine label their webpage said the following In the label you can see the contour of the grandfather and – simultaneously – master of the wine-maker, Laci Pálinkás. Szöszke Sógor (Blonde-Brother-in-law) was brother-in-law of my grandfather. He produced great wines, there was always order and cleanliness in his cellar, as we remember. My friend Laci could thank him the skill – besides his own talent and studies – , to be able to help successfully with the work of our wine-growing…János Eszterbauer “

As you can see on the picture the wine is a real prize beast, it won several golden medals in wine competitions, one of them being the ” Concours Mondial Burxelles 2015″ and silver medal in the Monde selection of 2015.

The wine a nice cuvée of Cabernet Franc and Merlot, and was aged 12 months on barrique barrels. I has a dark red color and is clear. The wine is aromatic and has some age but has more potential, although it is my opinion this wine is perfectly ready to be drank now.

First impressions about the wine give away a fruity nose, being mainly raspberries and currants. There is no oak at all in the nose. The wine is dry and is medium to full bodied, with soft and round tannins. The wine is in almost perfect balance and it’s not obvious at all that  this wine has 15 % alcohol.

I honestly dare to say that this wine is one of the best, if not the best I drank in the whole evening. It has the elegance and body to compete versus French Bordeaux wines. Eszterbauer keeps impressing me and makes me ask for more !

Side Information

Winery : Eszterbauer Borászat

Region : Szekszárd, Hungary

Year : 2012

Type : red, cuvée of Cabernet Franc and Merlot

Price : 5500 HUF, 18 euros

Source(s) to buy it : At the winery

Vineyards : The Bodzás and Görögszó vineyards.