Spring has started so we changed our picks a bit, here at my house. Spring means flowers are in bloom, we have more hours of sunlight and (hopefully) have more sun to do these awesome wine tastings or just relaxing on the terrace.

Here today in Budapest as I am writing this article, we have a wonderful blue sky and temperatures are up to 18 in the sun.We also had a a great Easter weekend and I’ve got a small Easter gift of my wife. She managed to sneak away the three bottles of Kritinus wine we bought at VinCE and present them to me Sunday morning !


Now to talk about the Leányka grape a bit, it’s not a French grape for sure. It originates from Romania and Moldavia. In Romania it is commonly found in Transylvania, a region where they speak mostly Hungarian although it officially belongs to Romania. So some elder people would argue that Leányka is actually a Hungarian grape as long time ago Transylvania belonged to Hungary. In Hungary the grape is commonly found in a region in the north called Eger. And it is obviously a white grape variety.

This specific Leányka is a 2014 vintage and was bottled in June 2015. It was fermented and aged in a 4 hecto liter barrel. The grapes come from the Sík-hegy vineyard, this vineyard was planted in 1963.

In the glass the wine is clear and has a pale lemon color with a medium intense clean nose.
In the nose there are minerals, I would dare to say a chalky nose with apples and little hints of hazelnut.

The wine is dry and has pretty low acids but a higher alcohol level (13%). The flavors are pretty consistent with the nose, although the apple dominates most of it. The finish is rather short.

The wine is perfect on its own or can be fitted with food (salads would rock with this ladies !)

Side information :

Winery : Orsolya Pince

Region : Eger (Ostoros), Hungary

Year : 2014

Type : White, 100% Leányka

Price : In hungary and Hungarian Forints, 2000 HUF, roughly 6.50 euros

Vineyards : Sík-hegy vineyard

Where to buy : At the cellar. Information can be found here