Hello everyone ! The weather in Hungary is just to die for, we got full sunshine and in the middle of the day the temperature can go up as much as 30 degrees Celsius !

I love sitting on our terrace so we decided to go to Spar and bought ourselves some good quality cheese and made a small cheese and cold meat platter. As for the wine I picked an older white wine, Orsolya Pince – Sik Hegy Leányka 2006. Which was a great addition to the food, more mature and a more complex wine.


The cheese and meat platter was made out of, mini mozzarella balls with home made green pesto, normal brie, brie with green pepper and brie with walnuts, Oud Amsterdam, cheese with truffle, blue cheese and some soft light cheese with herbs. As for the meat we had Mortadella, oven baked pork loin with garlic and Hungarian salami. This together with some butter and small slices of Kifli (Sort of Hungarian bread) and it was heaven on earth for me !

Now a few words about the wine, it is another wine from Orsolya Pince, simply because I’ve got so many bottles of them and they are a very good winery ! This is one of the oldest I bought last year and I remember that the pair of this bottle was tainted already so it was a bit of a gamble.



Pay closer attention to the label, it is absolutely stunning ! After you did that have a look at the color of the wine, it’s golden yellow which usually indicates age in a white wine.

A clean and very intensive nose, honey with linden, apricot jam, salty caramel and flowers.

A good balanced flavor that represents the nose, acids and alcohol quite well with a medium long finish. There was a little sweetness in the flavor which fitted very well with our cheeses.

The leányka grapes were the second harvest from the Sik-Hegy vineyard which Orsolya Pince bought in 2005. The vineyard dates back all the way to 1963.

The wine fits perfect with cheese !


Tomorrow I will publish another article about an Orsolya Pince wine, so make sure to check back !

Side information about the wine :

Winery : Orsolya Pince

Region : Eger, Hungary

Year : 2006

Type : White, 100% Leányka

Price : I paid 3000 Hungarian forints for it, roughly 10 euros.

Vineyards : Sik-Hegy, started to be used in 1963 and was  bought by Orsolya Pince in 2005

Where to buy : http://www.kezmuvesborok.hu/ (Site is in Hungarian, I can help you order if you are interested in this wine, just drop me a comment here or pm me on facebook and I will be happy to help you !