As promised I would write about another interesting Orsolya Pince wine today with as fantasy name Abrakadabra. This wine is a white grape cuvée made out of  34% Olaszrizling (Welschriesling), 28% Chardonnay, 26% of the famous Leányka (the grape I’ve been talking about in the past two entries) and 12% Viognier. The Olaszrizling was harvested very ripe.

Orsolya Pince - Abrakadabra 2008.jpg
Yes there is Belgian Leffe Ruby in the background ! 🙂

Yet another fascinating wine label, and a golden yellow color in the glass.
A clean and medium intensive yet complex nose with oak and honey. You can feel the higher alcohol (15%) in the nose. The wine was fermented and aged in barrel.

The flavor is creamy and oaky with honey and ripe apples. here you can feel the over ripe Olaszrizling being very dominant. You also can feel the higher alcohol in the flavor.
The wine has a medium finish.

I combined this wine with an Indian dish and although I am of the opinion that Indian and alcohol don’t fit together this was a pretty good match. I think this would be great with some Asian dishes as well.

Side information about the wine :

Winery : Orsolya Pince

Region : Eger, Hungary

Year : 2008

Type : White, cuvée made of Olaszrizling (Welschriesling), Chardonnay, Leányka and Viognier.

Price : I paid 3240 Hungarian forints for it, roughly 11 euros.

Vineyards : No information found.

Where to buy : Last bottles got sold out some time ago. However you can find the 2015 vintage in Bortársaság (www.bortársasá

Tomorrow I am at an exclusive tasting in Morgan Stanley with Ruppert from Villány. I will write a short article about it on Thursday and might have another article on Friday about a random wine I will drink (Most likely Pannonhalma – Sauvignon Blanc 2014).