Hello everyone ! Unfortunately no article about my Ruppert tasting at Morgan Stanley, something came up last minute and I could not attend. However I was at a Matra (wine region of Hungary) wine tasting yesterday and will write something about that next week !

I will tell you a few words about the wine maker, which is actually an abbey.
“On the Sacred Mount of Pannonia, in today’s Pannonhalma, the Benedictines, settles in 996, revived the region’s grape and wine culture at the same time their monastery was build”

Today the Abbey Winery vineyards cover over fifty hectares, covering all sorts of local grapes and international grapes. The Olaszrizling and Királyleányka which are a few of the local grapes created the distinct Abbey Winery Image. The internation grape varieties like Sauvignon blanc and Pinot noir were planted due to foreign tourism and the long-term prospects  of the grapes.

A more detailed article with pictures and the full story will be published later this year !

Lets talk wine !

Pannonhalmi Apátsági Sauvignon Blanc 2014 laying down.jpg

Sauvignon Blanc was the big winner in winery for the 2014 vintage. The wine was made in a reductive way, so the wine did not touch any barrels ! There is also some residual sugar in this one.

Has a light yellow color with green shines through it. A clean and medium intense nose with elder flower, citrus fruits, grape fruits and green apple.

The alcohol and acids are well balanced and the wine is medium intensive. Little hints of elder flower and grape fruit. The finish is medium long although I could still taste an elegant flavor of grape fruit long after.

I popped this open for my wife, which is a vivid Sauvignon Blanc lover after she helped me doing a stock check of the wines. The wine is perfect on its own but can also be combined with a nice spring salad or some young cheese.

Side information about the wine :

Winery : Pannonhalmi Apátsági

Region : Pannonhalma, Hungary

Year : 2014

Type : White, single grape variety of Sauvignon Blanc

Price : I paid 2200 Forints, roughly 7,50 euros

Vineyards : Tavaszó and Széldomb vineyards

Where to buy : Last bottles got sold out some time ago. However you can find the 2015 vintage in Bortársaság (www.bortársaság.hu) for the same price.

Score : 85 points, a good standard Sauvignon Blanc.

Tomorrow Wonderfultasting has his first organised wine tasting for the readers, it will be a kékfrankos wine tasting with 6 + 1 surprise wine. Expect a good article around Sunday or Monday !

Everyone have a great and sunny weekend !