Hello everyone, many apologies for the huge delays ! Today I will indulge you about the wonders of the Olaszrizling  from the wine region of Eger, how different the vintages can be and how surprisingly well the grape can age !

The tasting was held in my house again as always, mainly to reduce the costs and the access to coffee at the end ! We stayed inside because the weather was extremely warm and there is little sun protection on my terrace because of the net to keep my cats inside ! We were with a total of 10 people which just fitted into my living room !


Olaszrizling vertical tasting
Picture was taken by a dear friend of me Katalin Bujdosó, she organizes wine trips to Hungary (borq.hu) and also write a wine blog in Dutch (www.hongaarse-wijnen.blogspot.hu)

Lets talk wine ! We started with the 2015 vintage, the picture I will use is from the Orsolya Pince facebook page because the bottles were not labelled yet when I visited them and bought them !

Orsolya Pince Olaszrizling 2015

Orsolya Pince Olaszrizling 2015 Just bottled when I bought it in April. Fermented in barrels of 225 to 400-500 liter and they were aged as well in barrel. Clean nose, medium intensive. Some apple, pear in the nose with very small hints of mineral. The flavor was medium intensive as well, the alcohol was a bit higher and the acidity was lower but it was pretty well balanced.
My score : 85 points


Orsolya Pince Olaszrizling 2014 v2

Orsolya Pince Olaszrizling 2014 Bought in the summer of last year, bottle aging did change the wine a bit. Fermented in barrel and aged as well. Clean nose, medium intensive light yellow color. Metalic, salty minerals in the nose. Flavor was well balanced a bit salty, with grape fruit and grape.
My score : 86 points 


Orsolya Pince - Olaszrizling 2013.jpg

Orsolya Pince Olaszrizling 2013 Clean and light yellow in color as well, lower in alcohol than the previous one.  Clean nose with a more dominant mineral smell, bit of sea air in it as well.  The flavor was well balanced and medium intensive, notes of apple.
My Score : 84 points 


Orsolya Pince - Olaszrizling 2012.jpg

Orsolya Pince Olaszrizling 2012 Very high in alcohol, already a deeper yellow color as well but still very clean.
Medium intensive nose with sweet fruits (because of the high alcohol) and a bit metalic smells. The flavor was very balanced and in harmony with the nose, again a bit sweet because of the higher alcohol content.
My score : 89 points


Orsolya Pince - Olaszrizling 2011

Orsolya Pince Olaszrizling 2011 Alcohol content of 13,5 so a bit lower than the previous one, I remember it was my favorite of the night. Unfortunately my tasting notes on this wine bottle have disappeared and I will have to update this on a later date.



 Orsolya Pince Olaszrizling 2008 now we made a jump of 3 years, I am not sure if there were any vintages between 2008 and 2011 but if there were I simply could not buy them. This wine was the most special for me, it had a alcohol content of 16,5 % and had a very deep straw yellow color. The nose was very dominant and clean, with hints of honey, herbs, dried fruits.  The nose was like an Aszú in my opinion. The flavors were in perfect harmony with the nose, very dominant and again it felt like I was drinking an Aszú without the high sugar content, although the wine was a bit sweet because of the alcohol. It also had an extremely long finish !
My Score : 92 points


Orsolya Pince - Olaszrizling 2007.jpg

Orsolya Pince Olaszrizling 2007 let’s start by looking to the label, I felt in love with this wine by just looking at it !  The alcohol content dropped again to a reasonable 13,5%. This wine was the best of the evening, it was so different from its 2008 brother despite it being 9 years old ! The nose was medium intensive, with fruity notes like apple, grapes, pear the flavors were well balanced nothing jumped out and it was medium intensive. With a medium long finish.
My score 94 points

Many apologies for the delay in the articles, I’ve been studying mostly for my driving license (yes I am slacking) which isn’t the easiest thing to do in Hungary if you want to do the theory in English! 🙂 The weather is hitting the 30’s and I don’t expect it to go down much till after mid August! I was also asked by Blue Danube if I would like to write an article for them, which I did! It should be published this Wednesday, I will keep you posted on that one !

I would like to thank Orsolya Pince and Tarnóczi Zoltán for giving me their last bottle of the 2007 vintage to make this tasting unforgettable !

The next Wonderfultasting wine tasting will be held on  18 June, we will drink and talk about rosé wines, the weather fits it perfectly  and rosé wines have always been under appreciated! If you would like to attend please comment below, send me an email or private messsage me on social media.