In less than 14 days VinCE will kick off its 7th edition of the ”VinCE Budapest Wine show”  There is a little surprise in the article for those who wish to attend and still did not buy a ticket!

The event is one of my highlights every year, this will be my second year I’ll attend as a professional and hopefully I will meet a lot of interesting people again!

Now what exactly is VinCE? The events name comes from Vin (wine in French) and CE which stands for Central Europe. The primary focus of the event is to show Hungarian wines (a lot!) and the wines of our neighboring countries with the chance to also taste bites which are local like the Hungarian salami.

The event is pretty much for anyone with a love for wine. From being a merchant, a sommelier  or just a regular wine lover, everyone will have something their hearts desire! You have the chance to sign up for masterclasses in English which is an unique chance in Hungary! These masterclasses are given by important people in the wine world and in previous editions it also starred the world famous Jancis Robinson (writer of the world famous ” The oxford Companion to Wine”).


The event will be held in the luxurious and glamorous Corinthia Hotel, the venue on its own is almost worth a visit! You can find a very nice article about the history of the hotel over here, it is written by a friend of mine.

Grand Ballroom.jpg
The Grand Ball Room

And now comes the best part! There are still a few tickets available, and I am allowed to give you a 20% discount code! You can use this code for the Saturday or Sunday daily ticket, if you are a professional and you would like to attend the professionals only day on Friday you will have to mail them.

Here is how to get your ticket(s):

  1. Go to the webpage:
  2. Register on the webpage
  3. Pick your ticket of choice, if you pick the professional day on Friday you will have to mail them and ”prove” that you are a professional.
  4. When you want to pay your ticket you can use the discount code: 7HQGPC

You can also sign up for the masterclasses but the code does not work on those! If this doesn’t work please let me know and I will try to help you.

Here you can read about my visit of last year! I will most certainly write something about the 2017 at the end of March.