After drinking through really bad samples to write about, I finally found a really fitting one from Transylvania, Romania!

Medvetánc means bear dance in Hungarian, it’s only guessing where the name comes from but I think it is just fantasy. The wine is made by Recas, a winery just across the border in Transylvania.

Let’s talk a little bit about Transylvania and Hungary, long ago this was one and the same country called the Kingdom of Hungary. At the end of World War I in 1920 there was a peace agreement to formally end the war (World War I) between the Allies of World War I and the Kingdom of Hungary (Part of Austria-Hungary). This was called the Treaty of Trianon and it pretty much means that Hungary lost most of its land like Transylvania to the neighboring countries. The Hungary that we know today is just a fraction of how big it once was!



This was Hungary before the Trianon Treaty, Hungarians call it Nagy Magyarország.
The white part, called Kis-Magyarország is what Hungary is today. The Felvidék (green) is called Slovakia today, Kárpátalja is part of Ukraine. Erdély is Hungarian for Transylvania and belongs to Romania today. The light blue part Délvidek is part of Croatia and Serbia today.

Now let us talk about the wine!

The wine is clear and has a medium intensive purple color.
The nose is fully developed, complex and clean. Medium intensive and fully developed with primary and secondary aromas. There is black cherry and strawberry jam, some very ripe black currants and vanilla from barrel ageing.
A really enjoyable nose!

It is a dry wine with medium- acids but medium+ tannins. The alcohol is high and the body is medium+. The Flavors are primary and medium intensive, you can find back a lot of black fruit like; black cherry, blackcurrant and black berry. There is also cranberry and strawberry jam and I found small hints of Lavender. The finish is medium long.

I think this wine is once again very good and can be drank now or kept for ageing.

My score: 89 points

Additional side information regarding the wine:

  • The wine is another cuvée (blend) of three grapes, the two cabernet varieties and fekete léanyka (the black maiden). Fekete Léanyka is an old grape variety of Romania, it can produce dry, semi dry and sweet wines. It becomes richer and smoother with aging.
  • Retail price between 3500-4200 Hungarian forints, 12-14 euros.