Nagy-Somló is one of Hungary’s smallest wine regions with its only 550 hectares of area under cultivation, the region is located north of the Balaton lake and west of Budapest. The region is almost exclusively a white-producing with red wine production being a minority. It’s number 13 on this Map.

White grape varieties :

  • Olaszrizling (welschriesling)
  • Furmint
  • Hárslevelü (Feuille de Tilleul in French)
  • Juhfark
  • Chardonnay
  • Traminer

Red Grap varieties : (This is a list I made myself because of the wines I drank with this grape)

  • Pinot Noir
  • Syrah

The history of the region is somehow interesting it is located on a volcanic butte. The Somló area was completely under water and when the volcano erupted, the lava solidified at the bottom of the sea. After a climate change the sea dried up and a solid basalt cap protected the subsoil from erosion. The wind and river deepened the valley around the hill while Somló emerged slowly step by step. Today Somló is known for his mineral rich soils which also reflect back in most of the wines made here.
thanks to the heat-storing capacity of basalt, during the night the ground gives back the heat it stored during the day, therefor the climate is roughly the same as the national average. Frost damage is also very rare in this region.

Wineries :

Click on the winery to bring up more information about them and to find my taste notes.

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