Reviews about wine at its best

By Zeebroek Michael

Score and Point system

I’ve decided to add a little point system to my blog to help people decide if the wine is worth buying or not.

I will be using the same system as Winefolly does cause it allows me to be more specific than other systems.

The 100-point scale actually starts at 50 points

  • 50-59 wines are flawed and undrinkable
  • 60-69 wines are flawed and not recommended but drinkable
  • 70-79 wines are flawed and taste average
  • 80-84 wines are ‘above average’ to ‘good’
  • 85-90 wines are ‘good’ to ‘very good’
  • 90-94 wines are ‘superior’ to ‘exceptional’
  • 95-100 wines are benchmark examples or ‘classic’

The points will be given on my professional opinion but these can be different to other professionals because of personal preferences. So keep in mind that some might rate the same wine better or worse.

I also do not accept any sorts of payments/bribes or any other of this sort to rate your wine better. 


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