About Me


Hello my name is Zeebroek Michael, I am a 23 year old Belgian. Below is a bit more info about me 🙂

I was one of those kids that could not handle authority as a teenager, I got kicked out of school and decided to work full- time and take education together. Meaning I would go to school 1 full day and work the rest of the time and learn it there. I’ve spent most of my time in the kitchen of the first restaurant I worked for, I loved how everything worked and how well oiled the staff was. Later I changed of work place and became responsible for the restaurant and the customers well care. After finishing school with straight A’s I decided to become a Sommelier, unfortunately I dropped out of class to explore the world and go live in New York and London. I ended up in Budapest in the winter of 2013 after my wife got a great job opportunity in her home country.

Ever since we live here I keep myself busy with learning Hungarian, cooking lessons and wine study.

My goal is to get the world to respect Hungarian wines, and to make them understand they are not worse than the French wines, but equals. 

I hope I can interest you with my blog and please feel free to ask me anything, and do not forgot to hit the follow button if you wanna follow my stories !

4 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hello…I just started blogging and would like t ask you a question. How do I increase the size of the fonts that appear on my blog. The current font size is very small. Must I pay for an upgrade or is there another way? Thank you. Sincerely, Zac


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