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By Zeebroek Michael

Chronicles of the 24th Budapest wine festival


I will take you on a small journey through my 5 days of this festival, talk about the wines we tasted, the food that was way to pricey and all the random things that can happen on such festival !


Every year in September, Budapest organizes a wine festival in the Budavár, which is the castle of Budapest in the hill of Buda. I think this is a succes every year and the perfect place to try new wineries out. Every year there is a ”guest” wine country and this year it was Italy.
This year they started using a system to deposit cash on a card and pay with that or pay pass rather than using cash and having a big chance of losing some during the night.

A tip to anyone that is reading this blog and is there at the same time, register your card ! It’s very simple and it will protect you against theft or lose. You send your 12 number code which is on the card with the pin code that is on the receipt you get and the new pin code to +36303444410. Do not forgot to put reg at the before the code and don’t put spaces between the 12 number code.
This is how your text message should look like :
reg 123456789123 1111 2222
You will get a response message very soon saying something like
‘ Tilt 123456789123 2222 – Sikeres registratcio ! A kartya letiltaszahoz kuldje vissza ezt az uzenetet. ‘
Which basically means your card is now registered in case of lose or theft you have to send tilt space 12-code space your new picked pin code and it should block off the card for any use. After half an hour you can go to the help desk to get a new card with your money on it after you’ve showed them the text message.

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