Takler Pince

I do not own this picture, all credit goes to kulturkozpont.hu

Takler Pince, the current winery was found in 1987 but the Talker family has dealt with vine growing and wine making since the early 1700’s in Szekszárd.

Their current winery is controlled by three family members; Takler Ferenc and his two sons András and Ferenc junior. They’ve got over 60 hectares which is said to be located in the best location of the wine region. They produce around 600 thousand bottles per year. Ferenc Talker was also the ” Winemaker of the Year” in 2004 a prestigious price that only goes to the best.

Both of his sons are taking an active part in the work of the winery and helped to develop the winery as it is today. They keep up with the tradition of the winery and that is to make dark, full bodied wines with are tannin rich but nevertheless are silky smooth and have an unique bouquet. The wines are also full of spices and fruits which is typical to Szekszárd. Typically their reds are bottled after a year and a half or two years maturing in wooden or new oak barrels.

Their wines and my tasting notes

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