Hello again, here I am with the 4th wine of my wine tasting and it is something special !

Most people out of Hungary probably never heard of the name siller before and neither did I before I tried it. Siller is usually darker than rosé and lighter than a red wine as you can see on the picture above. It also has very unique smells and flavors.

Now this siller is very interesting because it’s made only once a year in Szekszárd by a handful of wineries in that region. The deal is very simple, they all make a siller wine with the name Fuxli and everyone has to keep the same price.

Every year it changes a bit, different wineries participate or the ones that were there last year make a totally different wine. Bortársasag divided them in 4 categories with the vintage of 2013; those were Fresh and fruity or Full bodied, spicy and leaning more towards a red wine and leaning more towards a rosé wine.

Now for this wine I would say it’s definitely full bodied and spicy, and this you can find back when you smell it, the nose is full of spices. The taste is again spicy and has hints of white pepper. The color also leans more towards a red wine than a rosé. This siller was made of 97% Kékfrankos and 3% Kadarka.