Today a fresh and young wine from the north of the Balaton lake.

Káli Kövek, another quite young winery from the north of the Balaton located in the Balaton-felvidék wine region.
The winery was created in 2006, and the first vintage was produced in 2008.  The goal of Káli Kövek is to restore the glory of the local grape and wine culture, and to present the wine loving public which special wines can be produced in this region.

Most grapes are grown on volcanic soil, they have famous white types like ; Sauvignon Blanc, Rajnai Rizling (Rhine Riesling), Olasz Rizling (Italian Riesling) and the szürkebarát (Pinot gris/Pinot Grigio). They may be young but they certainly know what they are doing… as it is proven that they provide wines for some Michelin star restaurants.

The wine represents the typical Sauvignon Blanc, I do not like Sauvignon Blanc at all, but my wife does. This one was a bit more special in some way which i will try to explain to you.
The color was very very light, there was a nice scent of  green apple the moment your nose went to the glass… at the end there were hints of citrus fruits a real fresh and pleasant smell. When you taste this great wine you will find the green apple taste back straight away with vibrant acids… very typical to young Sauvignon Blanc’s and wines that aged on stainless steel tanks.

A cool fact about this wine is that half of it was cool fermented to preserve the aromas and the other half was fermented without to give it body. There is not a single gram of residual sugar in this wine either.