An every day red wine from Takler pince which has class and style.

For more information about the winery you can have a look in the drop down menu under Hungarian wines, Szekszárd or you can also click this link.

The wine is from the ”normal” range but I think it has that little extra which makes it classy and stylish. There was a little bit more than average rainfall in the summer, a rainy and cool September and a dry warm October.
The wine was aged in second and third filled oak barrels for 16 months.

There is a very pleasant nose full of red fruits where strawberry and raspberry are jumping out from. I also detect light hints of vanilla and oak. The wine is full bodied with light tannins and is very smooth an pleasant to drink. There is a pleasant taste of sour cherry’s in it with red berries and a little oak.

Perfect wine for just opening on it’s own or with red meats.